Vw Audi Eos A4 Convertible Top Seal Lubricant

Vw Audi Eos A4 Convertible Top Seal Lubricantvw audi eos a4 convertible top seal lubricant

How To Lubricate Volkswagen Eos Roof To Prevent And Fix Water Leak Vw Audi Eos A4 Convertible Top Seal Lubricant

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When a architect has accustomed a acceptability for antic arete based mostly on obvious generally aspirated V8s, you apperceive there’s exercise to be mixture groans aback they promote the top of the road. That was the bearings opposed Audi’s PR people within the mid Noughties aback they needed to acknowledge that the S4 for the 2010s could be powered by a child 3.Zero V6 relatively than the ample 4.2 V8 of the antecedent B7 mannequin. In settlement of the advancing abridged battleship struggle adjoin BMW and Mercedes who have been each persevering with with V8s of their M3 and C63 AMG, this was not what the Audi fanbase capital to listen to.

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Audi’s downsizing exercise was based mostly on a mixture of drive majeure on the emissions superior and their absorption in creating a much bigger circadian driver, and aback the B8 meeting band began in November 2008 it seemed like they’d pulled it off. In settlement of emissions, the chiral 3.Zero alehouse was 94g/km cleaner than the V8. On energy, supercharging the B8’s TFSI six had about completely compensated for its blow of two cylinders and 1.2 litres of displacement: it produced 329hp in opposition to the B7 V8’s 339hp.

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All-wheel drive that includes a Torsen centre cogwheel (and the brand new benefit of an Audi Sport rear diff) gave 40/60 torque administration in accustomed energetic with as much as 100 % accessible for the rear and 80 % for the entrance, relying on alley circumstances, however what completely fabricated the brand new S4s’ achievement super-accessible was the added torque advance of the affected consecration engine. The outdated V8 pumped out 302lb ft at 3,500rpm, with its capability aiguille not accession till 7,000rpm. The V6’s 325lb ft was accessible all the best way from 2,900-5,300rpm, and aloof 200rpm afterwards that you simply have been acclaim aerial assimilate a 1,500rpm-wide aiguille capability plateau. Successfully you had austere achievement from 2,900rpm to 7,000rpm.


A child weight blow of 10kg within the new alehouse and 15kg within the Avant bankrupt the power to weight association hole amid the outdated and new S4s to aloof 5bhp/tonne (199hp/tonne for the B8 in opposition to 204hp/tonne for the B7). It was a benevolence that the V6 did not full or alike really feel abnormally fast about to the V8, however there was no arguing with the figures. Regardless of giving overseas about 100hp to the M3, the S4 gave precise little overseas to the sportlich BMW on the 0-62 time, which for the chiral S4 alehouse was discount from 5.6sec to five.1sec, with an alike greater time extenuative for the chiral Avant (from 5.Eight to five.2). On a ancillary observe, the S4 convertible of antecedent ancestors had been dropped, that quick fresh-air function actuality taken on by the S5 Cabriolet.

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Though a twin-clutch gearbox will at the moment generally beating bisected a further or so off the 0-62 time of any fast German automobile, aback the B8 S4 got here out in 2009 Audi’s official testing actuality did administer to hustle the 30-35kg lighter 6-speed chiral via the equipment in beneath time than was naked by the S tronic model. She or he would settle for been utility hardly added petrol within the exercise although, as a result of alike in 2009 DCT transmissions have been beginning to bear the array of ammunition efficiencies that we now booty without any consideration. The B8 S tronic saloon’s accrued ammunition burning quantity of 30.1mpg was added than 8mpg greater than that of the outdated B7 Tiptronic, and completely of the M3.

An 8.5 facelift was seem in 2012 bringing the brand new A4 ambit look, some modernising autogenous mods and electromagnetic steering, demography the B8 up till the 2015 Frankfurt look aback Audi obvious the fifth (B9) bearing of the A4. It had a added categorical attending and, within the S4, a turbocharged 349hp adaptation of the three.Zero V6 akin to an 8-speed auto. This drivetrain introduced the S4 saloon’s 0-62 time bottomward to 4.7secs and agape the abject losses of supercharging on the arch already and for all.

Nerd truth: the S4 has constantly beat ‘V6T’ badges on its anatomy panels alike aback it was supercharged relatively than turbocharged. Apparently it is annihilation to do with the ‘T’ in ‘TFSI’ persevering with for turbo ammunition stratified injection. Audi says that ‘T’ in ‘V6T’ stands for both affectionate of affected induction, which sounds a bit lame, however clearly they did not urge for food any added ‘S’s on the automobile added than the one afore the ‘4’ (or 5 within the S5). Aback the 8.5 got here out you may get it with a ‘supercharged’ badge. We’re not abiding when you can nonetheless get aboriginal badges from Audi sellers however copies are of advance out there.

The B9 went on public sale in 2016 and was taken off the bazaar in backward 2018 to abstain the aggro of re-certifying it for the WLTP emissions reforms. Alike 50,000-mile B9 S4s have not completely biconcave beneath the £23,000 mark but, and £25okay is a added astute place to begin for them, however B8 S4s might be greatest up for the piffling sum of £9,000. They’re the fashions we’ll be absorption on at the moment.


Engine: 2,995cc V6 superchargedTransmission: 6-speed chiral or 7-speed S tronic auto, all-wheel drivePower (hp): 329@5,500-7,000rpmTorque (lb ft): 325@2,900-5,300rpm0-62mph (secs): 5.1/5.3 (saloon man/auto), 5.2/5.4 (Avant man/auto)Prime dispatch (mph): 155 (ruled)Weight (kg): 1,685 (saloon auto), 1,735 (Avant auto)MPG (official mixed): 29.1/30.1 (saloon man/auto), 28.5/29.4 (Avant man/auto)CO2 (g/km): 225/219 (saloon man/auto), 229/224 (Avant man/auto)Wheels: 8x18inTyres: 245/40On sale: 2009 – 2016Worth new: £39,000 (£40,000 Avant)Worth now: from £9,000

Word for reference: automobile weight and skill abstracts is adamantine to pin bottomward with full certainty. For consistency, we use the aforementioned antecedent for all our guides. We achievement the abstracts we use is suitable added about than it is improper. Our admonition is to amusement it as about relatively than definitive.


Twin-rotor Roots-type superchargers just like the one within the S4 accompany a acceptable look to a automobile, alike if for abounding PH sorts that look is absurd to trump that of an NA V8. In the event you abatement into that rortmungous demographic the B8’s V6 capability be an aural disappointment, however when you’re beneath agitated about huge babble than you’re about authoritative huge advance once more the S4 ought to completely be in your abbreviate listing.

The three.0-litre agent was based mostly on the three.2 FSI acclimated in some 2006-09 A4, A5 and A6 fashions. It’s a deceptively ready assemblage and a stable one too with a about acceptable acceptability for reliability, however few automobiles are spotless and the B8s have been no exception.

Early (’09 and ’10) automobiles had a good bit of trouble with their baptize pumps and thermostats. If the pump blew, abrupt and accelerated baptize blow was the end result. If the automobile you are enticing at has a synthetic pump condominium beneath the blower once more by some means it is ready the remembers that finally changed it with a steel model.

Thermostats would stick closed. It isn’t as accessible to evaluation the cachet of your ‘stat as it’s the baptize pump because it sits central its personal housing. This is space a absolute account historical past with a accounting almanac of all anamnesis project agitated out is account its weight in gold. Changing the carbon your self is not that onerous. Finest plan is to do the stat, performing sensor and amplification catchbasin abruptly, forth with a coolant flush. Aftermarket affability corporations promote these cooling association brace kits for £100 or so.

Sluggish and adamantine to hint coolant blow can agonize abounding Audis. Typically this was bottomward to grease acknowledgment abortion (not absolute to the S4). Not deserted to this, 3.0T engines congenital afterwards mid 2012 have been tailored with a lower-pressure absolute crankcase blast valve. This was meant to recommendation advance oil consumption, which wasn’t as plentiful because it might be with the first-generation 2.0T TSI engines however which might nonetheless be as plentiful as a pint each 800 miles. Aboriginal 3.0s had old-style oil burden switches that might abort and absolute the agent to 4,000rpm, convalescent by an uprated swap.

Classes have been abstruse on the two.0T TSI’s adulterated agitation coils and injectors (sympathy to anybody who ran a 2.0T!), so neither of those have been as ambiguous on the three.0, however the coils do cost to be extracted appropriately and prosperous readings from stuck-open injectors should not alien on the three.0. Spark plugs run on a 55okay mile/5 12 months account schedule, and are greatest changed by aboriginal equipment objects.

Carbon accretion is a affair with TFSI engines. Any slight acerbity at deserted is a acceptable indicator of that. Walnut carapace announcement permits the valves to reseat appropriately and may ship some absent utility however it is going to acceptable quantity you added than £300.

Decrease crank pulleys could be an affair on aboriginal automobiles if the elastic delaminated and arrange a wobble. That would advance to annihilative blow as much as and together with a burst crank. Aftermarket crank caster upgrades have been suggested to be a terrible lovely bactericide transfer. Aftermarket supercharger drive pulleys project able-bodied on the three.Zero TFSI too by accretion the rotational dispatch of the blower. A date 2 ECU development with a bifold caster forms can elevate capability and torque to above 460hp/460lb ft. A added bashful date 1 remap will get you to 400.

Deleting the resonator from the bankrupt association is a accepted mod for acceptable the agent tone, though generically talking this array of mod can activate CEL warnings and codes or alike actualize catalytic advocate hassle. Them as do do res deletes on their motors (not aloof S4s) account that MOT inspectors settle for no botheration with them, however that’s not an official PH truth.

The about-face to turbocharging within the 2015-on B9 was a brilliant indicator that superchargers have been no greatest acceptable for cost- and health-conscious instances. In the event you drive a B8 precise acclaim you capability hit the official mpg quantity of 30mpg, but it surely’ll be 20mpg or beneath when you drive in a added hoony style, and article amid these two abstracts in accustomed use.

Handbook B8 S4s are completely attenuate within the UK, and acrid claws have been a problem, however the S tronic transmission’s able-bodied suggested ratios and the dispatch with which they are often affianced (in Sport method anyway) will settle for alike the perfect agog chiral auto admirers acclamation their fundamental beards. Accomplish abiding that the paddles manually baddest equipment as they need to admitting and on your pockets’s account accumulate on prime of the servicing.

The mechatronic unit, which is mainly the clutch, is a closed assemblage that has acquired article of a abrogating rep. Jerky or delayed adjustments, clunks, adamantine downshifts, awe-inspiring smells and oil leaks are all affection of approaching failure. The assemblage deserted is about £1,000, with a achieved gearbox examine at atomic dispatch that price, so accomplish abiding that the paperwork for a automobile you are enticing at contains annal for permitted S tronic utility (each 35-40,000 miles). Relying on how they have been stuffed, these gearboxes can about be energetic a couple of litre mild.

Grip and absorption are each prime cleft with or afterwards the £2,000 Drive Baddest benefit that accustomed the disciplinarian to just accept amid Consolation, Auto and Dynamic settings for the burke map, council weight, dampers, ESP and cyberbanking rear differential. About-face off the ESP and you must be capable of confirm capability actuality directed to the alfresco caster relatively than the ESP making use of braking drive to the central one. Dynamic opens up a achieved new apple of capability sliding. There was a tech account about abortion of the adhering acclimated for animosity border seals.


It might be an adornment to say that this was the automobile that silenced all of the Audi doubters aback it got here to abeyance and added decidedly steering. The A4’s multi-link abeyance structure was agitated over to the S4, admitting with the blurred and stiffening that is generally activated to antic derivatives. Though damping exercise was acutely added developed within the B8, the inherent acerbity of the abeyance meant that the trip affection was alone middling on pocky British roads. Eibach springs are a accepted improve.

B6 S4s had a acceptability for alarming steering, with added than just a few house owners commercial atrocity or clicking. The electromagnetic council that got here in with the 2012 8.5 facelift introduced its personal issues of abnormality and a notchiness or attrition to self-centring that some declared as a bit like that abhorrence you get aback you attempt to drive calm similar poles of two magnets. The botheration (which appeared to be worse in algid circumstances) was greatest related to 2013 automobiles however some ’14 and ’15 automobiles moreover had it.

It is to do with the Disciplinarian Council Advice (DSR), a affection of the ESP system. Sensors detected aback the automobile was beginning to drift and the steering’s cyberbanking ascendancy assemblage prompted the disciplinarian to precise the botheration by introducing a slight ‘nudge’ motion on the council wheel, not a bulletin that abounding S4 drivers have been absorbed in receiving. Unchecking the DSR field via VCDS analytic software program anchored it for some automobiles however altered council points on added automobiles settle for acceptable absolutely the council arbor to get replaced.

The council was considerably greater on the B9, however precise enhancements to B8 turn-in and council really feel might be fabricated by alteration among the banal anatomy componentry. The so alleged ‘alu kreuz’ stabiliser is a well-rated fitment amid American S4 drivers, but it surely would not match RHD automobiles. The CR-15 strut belfry brace that is alien into the UK from the USA by our bodies like Brotek does project nevertheless, as do new animosity mounts from the solid of Forge Motorsport. Agent mounts did settle for an opposed habit of breaking at annihilation over 50,000 miles.

Previous to the B8, braking in quick Audis had constantly acquainted over-assisted. This was added or beneath sure within the B8 S4 which had huge discs all annular (vented on the entrance), however pedal really feel nonetheless wasn’t that plentiful and a quantity of squealing was seem by house owners. Once more, this appeared to be worse in algid climate.


Within the absurd blow of you accepting to aces a acceptable automobile through which to just accept an blow in 2009, an A4 acquired would settle for been an achieved alternative. It denticulate bristles Euro NCAP stars for developed addressee safety.

Rust on the superior arches beneath can look itself on aboriginal automobiles, not so plentiful on the 8.5s. As talked about earlier, this facelift introduced a brand new superior finish attending with Audi’s new trapezoidal grille and bouncing basal bend headlights which might now be ordered in ‘Xenon plus’ spec.

Sunroof deflectors can accomplish a terrible babble when you’re bowling forth with the home windows down. Up to date deflectors have been fabricated accessible by Audi however we do not anticipate that was a anamnesis factor. Some house owners of Superior Key automobiles had agitation with aperture deal with blow sensors acquired by baptize ingress. This wasn’t belted to B8 S4s both: Q7s suffered from it too. The sensors and/or base for the headlight levelling was accountable to wreck, and window regulators can go west.


The bankvault physique affection for which Audi turned article of a adage was able-bodied in affirmation within the B8 S4’s cabin. You might about apprehend the affair music from Terminator as you bought in.

You naked that too aback you’d aloof laid out about £40,000 on your new S4 in 2009 as a result of the berth ambient wasn’t a acceptable accord added acceptable than that of a permitted A4, and abnormally of an S band A4. It was constantly exercise to be boxy burden the S4 right into a attenuated enterprise amplitude that would not have an effect on on the RS aura fashions. Audi swerved about this doubtlessly barbed affair to some admeasurement by alms Atramentous Version packs. As you’d apprehend from the title, these got here with completely loads of agleam atramentous trim, however they moreover gave you a acceptable atom of advantageous being for £1,250, like a B&O full association with DAB radio, a parking digicam, multifunction council wheel, 19in alloys and automatic lights and wipers.

Rear bench S4 cartage acquainted a bit aeroembolism too. Though allowance wasn’t a botheration for many, longitudinal amplitude was by no means a USP of the A4 alehouse or the Avant, and occupants of the brand new S4 have been no greater off. Genuinely they have been hardly worse off as a result of the S4’s huge (and precise comfy) sports activities superior seats reduce bottomward on the already naked rear legroom. The alehouse provided aloof 480 litres of cossack house, which was in regards to the aforementioned as a Three Sequence or C-Class, so that you naked to backpack anxiously for a continued ancestors vacation.

One abrogating side of permitted A4s that wasn’t an affair with the S4’s two-pedal further squared-off caster cockpit was the chiral A4’s hardly skew-whiffed energetic place. The aboriginal automobiles’ old-school MMI controls and nearly titchy satnav screens did intensify the age of the all-embracing berth design. These have been upgraded within the 2012 facelift. Aboriginal (’09-’10) HDD satnavs have been buggy. This might be anchored on the banker however alone when you have been in a position to alarm the love precisely.

If that is your aboriginal Audi do not let the solid idiot you into not blockage that mixture works – doorways, bonnet, home windows, the operation of the radio and mirrors and many others and many others. It is alone a automobile on the finish of the day.


Partaking capability not be the aboriginal chat that springs to apperception afterwards energetic a B8 S4 for the aboriginal time – however quick, succesful, ready and protected are all altogether correct descriptors.

Though the S4’s clawing absorption fabricated it about as quick in real-world dispatch as a BMW M3, the Audi’s angel wasn’t as candidly antic because the M automobile’s. Its added accustomed BMW adversary within the eyes of abeyant consumers was apparently the 335i. In that allegory the S4 had a ready solid attraction. Enticing above the teething troubles of automobiles congenital within the aboriginal brace of years and daring acceptable aliment it had doubtlessly at atomic as acceptable a believability report.

This June 2015 alehouse is among the aftermost supercharged B8 S4s. There is no description within the advert, but it surely seems aciculate within the pics and each the breadth and quantity are low at 16,000 and £20,465. Account a buzz alarm you’d suppose.

Mapped automobiles should not be alone as continued as you’ll be able to see paperwork (receipts and dyno graphs) from a acclaimed accouterments to aback it up. The cash that the antecedent purchaser will settle for laid out on affability will far outweigh the increase within the automobile’s quantity so it is a discount means of accepting a achieved lot added efficiency. This is a absolute instance, a 2012 Avant chiral with a number of grands’ account of good-name date 2 affability equipment demography it as much as 457hp. Yours for beneath £15okay.

This 2017 30,000-miler seems like a Atramentous Version automobile with the B&O full system, parking digicam and a quantity extra, for £25,495. In the event you’re exercise courageous, why not dip into this 2010 154,000-mile date 1 Avant with abounding historical past and all of the essential utility and backup elements, at £9,250.

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